Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill is a chain of steakhouses headquartered in Avrainville, a commune in the Essone department in northern France. It has over three hundred twenty nine outlets in Europe. These outlets are distributed in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland.

Buffalo Grill is a mass-market chain that serves mainly American-style steaks to their customers. Their menu also offers something for the French taste preference. An example of this is the roquefort (sheep milk blue cheese) sauce option.

Buffalo Grill has built its success around their irresistible offerings:

  • Excellent quality for their grilled meat
  • The theme of American legend
  • The friendly and comforting atmosphere of an authentic restaurant that helps in sharing special moments with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Suitability for all budgets with friendly pricing

Buffalo Grill is the undisputed leader of American-themed restaurants in the country. With a wide array of outlets, stores, and franchisees, they have nearly sixh hundred million euros in terms of revenues. Buffalo Grill also has seven thousand nine hundred employees who are working in four countries.

Buffalo Grill’s menu include the following delicious items:

  • Buffalo Specials: Filet de Poulet, Barbecue Ribs Caramelises, Assiette Texane, Demi Poulet Kentucky, Buffalo Wings, and Andouillette AAAA Grillee
  • Beef and Bison Grill: Steak Hache de Boeuf, Brochette Buffalo, Steak de Jambon Grille, Entercote Cow-Boy, Steak 3 Poivres, Pave de Coeur de Rumsteck, Bavette d Aloyau, Steak Marine Tex Mex, Assiette Trappeur, and Cote de Boeuf
  • Burgers: Buffalo Cheeseburger, BBQ Ribs Burger, Famous Bacon Burger, Country Burger, and Bison Burger

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Buffalo Grill. This is only a fan page. Visit http://www.buffalo-grill.com/ for their official page.